how it works

    Do your family really know you ? Share your story with family and friends and leave them something to treasure forever !

  • Log in / register and create a password and receive your unique number, this number can be passed to family and friends, or you can just print off when the timing is right.
  • Create a profile picture that will identify you to your family and friends, which can also be used for the cover of your book of memories.
  • Templates for your story already in place to guide you and can be edited. Whether you want to write your story to date, or capture one off wedding/christening/birthdays, in a short story, the headings can be changed as and when. Build and maintain your story….download your photos and keep everything in a safe place and all together.
  • Keep your private information in our private pages section. You will create another password to gain access to your private pages and then you can get to work detailing all your accounts, insurance policies etc which will be locked away in a secure page. You can give the login details to a family member or friend when the timing is right. Only account numbers, no passwords, as all anyone needs to know, is where things are. You can also leave special messages here, when you want to say something, but you find it difficult to do so. Words don’t come easy to us sometimes but you can leave them here now.
  • A Calendar will log birthday, memories and events to share with your family and friends.
  • Your friends and family can save your short story or book and add to their own to create A FAMILY HISTORY BOOK.
  • Why not give us a try, its just £10 per month or £90 per year. A lot less than writing a book and a lot more fun.
  • Payment for a hard copy will be £79.00 via a publisher. Please forward us your story and then allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. During these unprecedented times, this may take longer than usual.
  • standing orders via direct debit will paid automatically after one month unless a cancellation is requested.